Is it safe to buy a FN AMERICA FNX-45 TACTICAL 45ACP 15+1 FDE 5.3″TB 6696

Improving on the FNP™-45 Tactical, developed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program, the FNX™-45 Tactical was born and bred for battle. Like its legendary FN forefathers, this combat handgun was designed to not only survive the battlefield, but to emerge victorious. It is the latest in technological advancements in handgun engineering, offering .45 ACP performance and a host of unique features that no other handgun can match.

Its 15-round magazine is precisely engineered to take a dive to the prone position and naturally roll up toward the target. The checkered polymer frame has a low-bore axis for reduced felt recoil, enhanced operator control, and a grip angle that provides unmatched natural point of aim. Four interchangeable backstraps come standard to quickly customize the grip feel. All operating controls are fully ambidextrous for ease of use. The 5.3″ cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel has a threaded muzzle to accept sound suppressors, compensators, and other accessories. The stainless steel slide has high-profile combat night sights and includes two mounting bases to accept multiple styles of optional red-dot electronic sights.

LE & Military pricing on request.

FNX™-45 Tactical Sell sheet

66966FNX-45 Tactical DA/SA MS Blk/Blk (2) 15-Rnd Night Sight845737000912
66981FNX-45 Tactical DA/SA MS Blk/Blk (2) 10-Rnd Night Sight845737005399
66968FNX-45 Tactical DA/SA MS FDE/FDE (2) 15-Rnd Night Sight845737000981
66982FNX-45 Tactical DA/SA MS FDE/FDE (2) 10-Rnd Night Sight845737005405
66-100223FNX-45 FDE/FDE NS 2X10 U T NON-TB845737009052
66983FNX-45 DA/SA MS Blk/Blk (2) 15-Rnd Night Sight LE845737003241
66984FNX-45 DA/SA MS Blk/SS (2) 15-Rnd Night Sight LE845737003258
66322-5FNX-45 Magazine 15-Rnd Blk845737002541
66322-1FNX-45 Magazine 10-Rnd Blk845737002558
66322-6FNX-45 Magazine 15-Rnd FDE845737002534
66322-2FNX-45 Magazine 10-Rnd FDE845737002565

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