Is there a legit site to buy a CZ-USA Sharp-Tail online

The CZ-USA Sharp-Tail side-by-side shotgun evolves CZ-USA’s Ringneck side-by-side shotgun into something lighter, more compact and wieldier. Both are designed around 28” barrels and 12-gauge, 16-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge and .410 bore choices. These guns have a 1.5” drop at comb, 2.25” drop at heel and 45.75” overall lengths. These choices weigh 7.3 pounds, 7.3 pounds, 6.3 pounds, 5.9 pounds and 5.9 pounds respectively.

There is also a 30” barrel competition 12-gauge that is 47.6” long overall and weighs 7.5 pounds. It features five extended choke tubes (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full). It’s otherwise the same as its 28” 12-gauge brother.

The Sharp-Tail’s heart is a much smaller brand-new action engineered around coil springs instead of leaf springs. The new and improved technology should translate to increased durability.

Some other traits are the same or remarkably similar. To wit, both the Ringneck and Sharp-Tail have the classically splendid case-hardened finish. Casehardening over the embellished engravings gives receivers a classic pearlescent look that somehow never goes out of style!

Speaking of receivers, the Sharp-Tail’s receiver is CNCed and one piece. Its internal architecture includes coil spring operated hammers, redesigned sears, and independent floating firing pins.

All five Sharp-Tails feature raised ribs, beautiful Turkish walnut semi-beavertail forends and rather resplendently dark Turkish walnut stocks. These side-by-sides brandish diamond-checkering on both forend and stock, and they use extractors and single selective triggers. The 12-gauge, 20-gauge and 28-gauge each come standard with five interchangeable flush choke tubes. The 16-gauge, and .410 bore choices come standard with fixed IC/Mod chokes. All five models come standard with a plastic case. Except the 16-gauge, all have 3” max shell lengths while the 16-gauge is designed for 2 ¾” max.

The Sharp-Tails have the timeless ergonomics of curved and textured pistol grips and textured forends. The lines of the black hard chrome barrel flow beautifully into the receiver that in turns flows perfectly to the American-type stocks.

The CZ-USA Sharp-Tail side-by-side shotguns are Made in Turkey.

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