For many, binoculars are the go-to choice when they need to magnify their view and see something far away in great detail. No doubt, binoculars are great for this, but they’re not the only option. Sometimes, they’re just too bulky and big, which is where monoculars reign supreme. These tiny tools are significantly streamlined compared to binoculars, allowing them to easily slide into your pocket and making them perfect for one-handed viewing.

Like binoculars, there are many monoculars to choose from. But today’s monoculars aren’t like the relics from years past. They’ve become small, sleek, and powerful, offering excellent optic quality and a wonderful viewing experience.

But that doesn’t mean that all monoculars are created equal. We’ve tested quite a few of these useful tools in the process of writing the following reviews, and we’ve found that some are clearly superior in their form and function. If you want to ensure that you pick the best monocular, then read on to find out how some of the most popular options compare.

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