which site is the best to order a AYA DEMI-BLOC online

Guns Listing ID: 255673 Offered for sale is this Aya Demi-Bloc, a beautifully crafted, pre-eminent sidelock double gun that exudes fine craftsmanship and superb balance. The Demi-Bloc was introduced in the late 50s and modeled after the time-tested Holland & Holland system. Features of this 12-gauge side-by-side include a forged steel action with double locking mechanism and gas vents, hardened steel intercepting safety sears, double trigger with hinged front trigger, automatic safety, finely checkered oil-finished walnut stock, and English scroll engraving. This model is rated in good condition, with some finish wear on the stock and a small pit about midway down the left barrel. Both barrels have full chokes.

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